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Andries Erwee well qualified Tourism Guide and Game Ranger with 20 years experience. Why not organize your own private tour or safari?



Why risk your hard earned money by not choosing the right game ranger or tour guide when visiting South-Africa, Botswana, Namibia or Zimbabwe? A well trained and qualified tour guide or game ranger (field guide) will introduce you to the splendour of Africa. Especially if it is somebody who was born and raised here and who has the necessary knowledge and qualifications to provide you with an unforgettable tour or safari.

Andries Erwee is passionate about Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa and it’s people. This is his maiden soil and this passion made him one of this region’s best tour guides. It is a wonderful experience to join him on a tour or safari. All the jewels of the region will be opened for you.

Andries is the first South African that achieved a university qualification in tour guiding. He is also a game ranger with 20 years experience. He qualified as both field- (game ranger) and culture guide in all the 9 provinces of South Africa as well as its neighbouring states. Just to ensure that he would also be able to communicate on other levels, he is currently busy with his masters degree in management science.

Andries loves to travel and believes that you can only satisfy the needs of the client if you understand his or her culture. Therefore he already visited 80 countries, in his quest for optimum service to his clients. It is fairly easy for him to look to South Africa from the eyes of foreign visitors,

He enjoys five star holidays, but his full potential is realized on safaris. He is an excellent cook, who can prepare a five course meal in two ticks. He can comfortably converse about the economy, culture and history. He normally gets exited about the small things in nature. Of course he marvels at the magnificence and beauty of the region, from Victoria Falls to the beauty of Table Mountain and from the loneliness of the dry Namib desert to the abundance of wild life of the Okavango Delta.

Andries is well known in educational circles, for the various school and youth tours that he conducts. He particularly enjoys socializing with his own daughters as well as other teenagers. Being in the company of adults, seeking more information, likewise, holds tremendous enchantment for him.

For three years Andries presented a very popular travel program on one of the largest national radio services of South Africa. Various news papers and magazines also published articles on his approach towards tourism and education.


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