Temba College Terms and Conditions.

Temba refers to: Temba College CC trading as Temba Travel. Reg Nr 2004/009414/23 with postal address as PO Box 1515, Somerset West, South Africa and physical address as at 11 Broad Oaks Close, Somerset West, Vat No. 4080241658

Client refers to: Anybody who uses this webpage to gather information or to do a booking. By using this web page the client agrees to all terms and conditions of this agreement. He or she declares that he or she is an adult person and fully entitled to enter into an agreement with Temba College CC.

Supplier refers to: Hotels, lodges, tour operators, airlines or any other render of service products and for whom Temba acts as booking agent. Temba needs to take all such reasonable steps to ensure that they use reliable suppliers but will under no circumstances be liable for any dispute that might arise between the client and the supplier except for, in as far as, the dispute involves the booking of a product or service.

ZAR or R refers to the South African currency, the Rand, and all payment will be done in South African Rands. The client admits and agrees that his or her bank might convert the currency at a different rate than the interbank rate. Temba or the supplier is not part of the conversion.

Jurisdiction: This agreement shall be deemed to have been made in Cape Town South Africa, and shall be interpreted, and the rights and liabilities of the parties hereto determined in accordance with the laws of South Africa. The parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Somerset West and\or Cape Town, South Africa.

Overbooking: Temba took all reasonable measures to avoid overbooking. It is however possible that this might occur due to technical reasons. If it happens, Temba will advise the client within 72 hours. The client will then be offered alternative accommodation if possible. If the client does not accept the alternative accommodation, or if Temba failed to secure alternative accommodation, Temba will refund the client in full within (7) seven working days.

Final Payment: Temba will be entitled to demand full payment of any outstanding balances within (30) thirty days prior to the arrival date but may agree to allow client to pay directly to the supplier on arrival. This totally depends on the policy of individual suppliers. If the supplier demands such payment and, the client fails to adhere to the demand, the booking will be cancelled and the client will lose his or her deposit.

Cancellation Policy:

  • The original deposit will not be refunded and the client will not be entitled to ask for a refund unless the cancellation takes place due to overbooking or any other mistake made by Temba and or its suppliers or any such conditions which may lead to a failure from Temba or its suppliers to render such service. In such a case the entire deposit will be refunded within 7 days.
  • The client will remain responsible for the full payment if he or she cancels the booking less than 30 days prior to the arrival or in case of no show, and will not be entitled to any refund whatsoever. In case of Force Majeure or cancellation less than 30 days prior to arrival, Temba will give reasonable assistance (without any obligation) to the client to minimize the cost or even to arrange a refund. It is therefore very important to inform Temba in writing as soon as the client becomes aware of a situation that might lead to cancellation.


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